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Our History

(k)RPG began when a group of experienced financial professionals shared a common vision to provide unbiased, independent, and comprehensive solutions to successful business owners, individuals, and families.

After decades of working at large financial institutions, the founding members of the firm believed that the independent advisory model would allow us to provide a much wider range of solutions for clients without any bias towards proprietary products and services.

With that common vision, we embarked upon a mission to start our independent wealth management firm and to identify a RIA and broker-dealer that shared that common vision. In 2004, Walter Ziffer founded the firm and affiliated with Grove Point Financial.

To clearly define what we do for our clients, we named the firm (k)RPG. The (k), as in 401(k), represents our commitment to the qualified retirement plan advisory market. RPG stands for Retirement Planning Group, and represents our dedication to providing sound financial planning and investment advice to private individuals and families.