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Wealth Management

At (k)RPG, we specialize in working with goal-driven, relationship-oriented clients who are serious about identifying and accomplishing their life’s ambitions, and who see the value of our comprehensive planning approach.

(k)RPG utilizes a comprehensive process that focuses on all facets of your financial affairs to create a course of action. This process was developed to help grow, preserve, and distribute wealth throughout your lifetime.

Our strategies include:

Investment Portfolio Analysis: We review your current holdings and help you make any necessary changes or adjustments.

  • Asset Management: We provide professional fee-based portfolio management.
  • Tax-Advantaged Investing: We help reduce your tax liability.

Business and Executive Benefit Planning: We review company stock options, provide succession planning and develop key executive benefits.

Retirement Planning: We design an investment strategy to help you accumulate the assets you need for retirement.

  • Retirement Income Planning: We design strategies to help create and protect the income you need throughout retirement.

College Planning: We implement long-term planning strategies to help ensure you are ready when your children/grandchildren are.

Estate Planning: We provide wealth preservation, continuity, and tax efficiency.

Charitable Gift Planning: For charitably minded clients, we help determine the most beneficial method of making gifts.

Risk Management: We help you prepare for the unexpected. We conduct insurance needs analysis and use the most appropriate products based on our analysis of your financial needs, with no allegiance to particular companies.